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Orange County Equine Assisted EMDR

As prey animals and in order to survive, horses are naturally intuitive and sensitive to their environment, and they are always honest in their communications. These characteristics make them great therapy partners, as they are able to pick up on our emotional state and personal issues, and reflect these in their behaviors. In the horse arena, we also explore metaphor and symbols, which can become part of a deeply heartfelt therapeutic experience. Beyond this, there is something special about connecting with these beautiful and powerful animals that can be very healing – often with less talk.






April Dona, LMFT 83920
Cherie Cassara, LMFT 90709
Audrey Grider, LMFT 94674

OC Equine Assisted EMDR is a specialized modality offered by these independent counseling practices

Meet the Horses

Okie part of the oc equine assisted emdr herd
Eli part of the oequine assisted emdr herd
Romeo head photo 2.JPG
Dottie head shot.JPG
Journey part of the oc equine assisted emdr herd
Mama part of the oc equine assisted emdr herd
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