Eliezer "Eli"

IEli is a BLM Mustang gelding.  He was born in the wild in Northern California near the Nevada border.  Eli was captured as part of the BLM's herd management program when he was just a year old.  He lived in a holding facility for 2 years before being chosen for the Mustang Makeover competition in Norco CA, 2014.  Eli placed well in the competition and was purchased by a couple who, after 6 weeks, decided they could not keep him.  Through a series of random connections, April heard about Eli needing a home and adopted him.  Eli is a sweet boy who takes a bit to warm up to you, it took a lot for him to trust humans but he has come a long way.  He can be aloof at times, goofy and smart, his favorite things to do are eat grass, hang with Mama and go exploring on trail.

Equine Assisted EMDR

Lake Forest, California

Audrey Grider      949.637.8600

Cherie Cassara    714.468.2512

April Dona            562.397.6662

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